Sub-Saharan Africa

​West Africa with focus on Senegal, Mali, Cameroun, Gabon, Ivory Coast


Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Carbon Management, Waste Management. 


Infrastructure, Business Services, Distribution, Mobile Money, Smart Devices. 

Industry Focus

At Blue Mango Capital, we believe in a bottoms-up, field-oriented approach which is why we put all of our competencies to work in specific areas of focus

United States 

New York, North Carolina, and California with focus on Silicon Valley 


Clinical Services, Managed Care, Pharma, Medical Devices, Turnkey Centers. 

Maghreb Area 

Morocco as a end-market as well as a platform for the rest Africa. Tunisia, Egypt. 

Internet Infrastructure

Data Centers, Cloud Services, Big Data, SaaS, Payment, Media Platforms. 

Geographic Focus