Portfolio structuring

Building and developing a coherent portfolio with clear investment objectives and risk profile in mind is crucial to wealth management. We can help you identify specific target companies following your criteria and then be involved in approach, negotiation and execution of the investment. Our team of experts are on the ground with extensive knowledge in our areas of focus as well as networks that enhance efficiency and avoid wasting time.

Investment strategy development

When your investment strategy calls for diversification, expansion to new areas or a new paradigm, we can provide a structured approach to evaluating new opportunities, identifying the ones that will strengthen your positions and be in line with your investment profile and objectives.

Our services include market research, opportunity assessment, industry analysis and investment phasing.


We believe that a strong part of showing commitment is to put our own money in the projects we take on. Blue Mango has the capacity directly and through institutional partners to invest in majority stake positions in areas of focus that our strategy has defined. Our portfolio companies get not only a financial partner with flexible local ressources but also a management partner bringing years of expertise to the company.